Endless capabilities with the same hardware

MonoDAQ-U-X is a true chamelleon of data acquisition. It can be a 1-channel strain gauge amplifier, 4-channel thermocouple interface or 8-channel voltage input with a single click of a button.

Single voltage input

Analog voltage in

Nr. of channels 1
Max. sample rate 50 kS/s
Resolution [bit] 16...20 @100S/s
Input range [V] +/- 10, 1, 0.1

Voltage excitation

Settable levels [V] 1, 3.3, 5, 10, 24
Noise +/- 1mV rms

Analog output

Output range 0 .. 4 V
Resolution 12 bit
Sample rate (local) 2 MHz

DIO channels: 4

Max counter freq. 33 MHz
Max. input level 10 V
Output levels [V] 2, 3.3, 5

Software: DEWESoft X3

Start immediately, no programming needed!

DEWESoft is known worldwide as a plug-and-play data acquisition software.
Strong calculation backend brings it into the most demanding applications such as the space shuttle programme.
Easy to use for everyone from students to rocket scientists due to its straightforward user interface.

Remote embedded data logging

Due to Linux support the MonoDAQ-U-X can be used in embedded applications with Raspberry Pi or similar boards. IDM software running on Linux is open source to allow custom integrations. Commands and data can be streamed over ethernet to a Windows PC running DEWESoft.

IoT power measurement

Precisely measure voltage and current on LiPo batteries for your IoT project. Excitation output can be connected over internal switch to charge the battery, making it possible to perform cycle tests. A thermocouple can be added in order to monitor the battery voltage and protect it from damage. Digital pins can be used to diagnose the I/O of the IoT device while the serial communication offers full communication possibilities with the development board.

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