MonoDAQ-E-STG – isolated strain gauge amplifier

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Any bridge configuration, programmable excitation, extremely low noise – MonoDAQ-1xSTG has it all to acquire data from strain gauges and load cells. And it even has a 50 V range and a current input. Data is transfered over EtherCAT to a PC running powerful and easy to use DEWESoft data acquisition software.

Analog input specifications
ADC resolution: 24 bit
ADC type: sigma-delta
Max. sample rate: 1 kS/s (upgradable to 40 kS/s)
Measurement modes: Voltage, Bridge, Potentiometer, Current (internal shunt)
Measurement ranges (voltage): 50 V, 10 V, 1 V, 0.1 V
Measurement range (current): 20 mA
Coupling:  DC, AC 1 Hz
Sensor recognition: TEDS
Sensor disconnect warning: channel goes to overload (Bridge and Potentiometer measurement modes)
Isolation: 125 Vrms channel to ground isolation
Front connector: DSUB9 female

Input impedance: 1MΩ (50 V and 10 V range), 20 MΩ (1 V and 100 mV range)
Overvoltage protection: 200 V (50 V and 10 V range), 50 V (1 V and 100 mV range)

Passband: 0.45 * fs
Passband flatness: 0.01 dB
Stopband rejection: -90 dB
Rejection at ADC oversampling frequency: -90 dB
Alias-free bandwidth: 0.40 * fs
-3 dB point: 0.49 * fs
Slew rate (-10 V to +10 V at 40 kS/s): 0.4 V/us

Voltage excitation specification
Free programmable level: Unipolar 0 … 24 V, Bipolar 0 … 12 V
Accuracy: ±0.05% ± 2mV
Drift: ±50 ppm/K ±100 μV/K
Stability 10% to 90% load: <0.01%
Current Limit: 42 mA (max power: 400 mW)
Protection: Continuous short to ground

Current excitation specification
Free programmable level: 0 … 22 mA

Bridge specification
Bridge connection types: full bridge, ½ bridge, ¼ bridge (3-wire)
Bridge ranges: 20…10000mV/V
Internal bridge completion (¼ bridge): 120 Ω and 350 Ω
Bridge completion accuracy: 0.05 %, TCR: 2ppm/K
Internal shunt resistor: 100kΩ
Shunt resistor accuracy: 0.1%, TCR: 10ppm/K
Input Short, Sensor Offset Adjust: software selectable

General specifications
Data interface EtherCAT, 100 Mbit/s
Data interface connectors: RJ45 (1 cable for data, power and sync, daisy chainable)
Power supply: 12 V to 50 V
Power consumption: 2 W typ., 3 W max (at max. excitation current)
Environmental rating: IP20
Temperature range: -20 degC to 60 degC
Weight: 150 g
Dimensions: 70x62x28 mm

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