MonoDAQ-E-DI4 – isolated digital inputs

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Robust, isolated digital inputs are suitable for reading data off digital sensors as well as for demanding test automation tasks. Three power supply voltages (5V, 12V and device voltage supply level) available on the front connector. EtherCAT interface, signal and power over the same cable.

Digital input specifications
Number of input channels: 4
Max. sample rate: 20 kS/s
Compatibility: TTL / CMOS Voltage Levels
Input low level: < 1 V
Input high level: > 2 V
Input high current @5V Vin: 3 mA typ.
Input high current @30V Vin: 3 mA typ.
Overvoltage protection: 30 V continuous, 65 V peak
Isolation: galvanically isolated channel-channel and channel-ground
Front connector: DSUB15HD male

Non-isolated power supply (front connector) specifications
Output voltage +5V: 5V +/-10%
Output current +5V: 300 mA max.
Output voltage +12V: 12V +/-10%
Output current +12V: 100 mA max.
Output voltage +Vin: Vin
Output current +Vin: 200 mA max.
(Max. combined load on +5V and +12V pins: 1.5 W reduced by the load already present on +Vin pin)

General specifications
Data interface EtherCAT, 100 Mbit/s
Data interface connectors: RJ45 (1 cable for data, power and sync, daisy chainable)
Power supply: 12 V to 50 V
Power consumption: 2 W typ.
Environmental rating: IP20
Temperature range: -20 degC to 60 degC
Weight: 150 g
Dimensions: 70x62x28 mm