MonoDAQ-E-ACC – IEPE acceleration sensor amplifier

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Isolated IEPE input with EtherCAT interface:

  • IEPE and voltage input
  • Input ranges: 10 V, 5 V, 1 V, 200 mV
  • High-pass filter: off, 0.1 Hz, 1 Hz
  • IEPE current: 4 mA, 8 mA
  • TEDS over IEPE
  • 24 bit, up to 40 kS/s

Full spec: download datasheettechnical-drawing

What’s in the box

  • 1x MonoDAQ-E-ACC
  • 1x Passive PoE power injector
  • 1x USB-to-12 V power supply

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High precision vibration measurements are best done with an IEPE accelerometer. MonoDAQ 1xACC provides high quality signal conditioning for IEPE sensors. Data is transfered over EtherCAT to a PC running powerful and easy to use DEWESoft data acquisition software.

Analog input specifications
ADC resolution: 24 bit
ADC type: sigma-delta
Max. sample rate: 1 kS/s (upgradable to 40 kS/s)
Measurement modes: IEPE, Voltage (software selectable DC or AC coupling)
Measurement ranges: 10 V, 5 V, 1 V, 0.2 V
High-pass filters: 0.1 Hz, 1 Hz
Sensor recognition: TEDS over IEPE
Sensor disconnect warning: channel goes to overload
Isolation: 125 Vrms channel to ground isolation
Front connector: BNC

Input accuracy (25 degC): +-0.03% of reading +- 0.1 mV
Temperature gain drift (typ.): 10 ppm/K
Temperature offset drift (typ.): 0.3 uV + 5 ppm of range/K
Gain non-linearity: <0.02%

SNR (10 kS/s, 10 V range, 18 Vpp sine wave @1 kHz): 90 dB
Noise floor (10 kS/s, 10 V range, input terminated): 100 dB
SFDR  (10 kS/s, 10 V range, 18 Vpp sine wave @1 kHz): 100 dB
THD (10 kS/s, 10 V range, 18 Vpp sine wave @1 kHz): -107 dB
Passband: 0.45 * fs
Passband flatness: 0.01 dB
Stopband rejection: -90 dB
Rejection at ADC oversampling frequency: -90 dB
Alias-free bandwidth: 0.40 * fs
-3 dB point: 0.49 * fs
Slew rate (-10 V to +10 V at 40 kS/s): 0.4 V/us

General specifications
Data interface EtherCAT, 100 Mbit/s
Data interface connectors: RJ45 (1 cable for data, power and sync, daisy chainable)
Power supply: 12 V to 48 V
Power consumption: 2 W typ.
Environmental rating: IP20
Temperature range: -20 degC to 60 degC
Weight: 130 g
Dimensions: 82 x 62 x 28 mm

Download datasheet

Download technical drawing

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    We use typically two monodaq ACC units for ReKi™ – broadband mass damper installations and it solves our problems.

    The small size and robustness are just want we need to do our job.

    We need to travel globally while we do vibration control work and Monodaq units can be put easily into hand luggage.

    Together with Dewesoft X3 and Monodaq units the work is easy and fun.

    We recommend Monodaq units to all professionals who need to do dynamic measurements.

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